Friday, June 13, 2008

Artists on Tegaki E pt. 2

Reflecting on our last post about Tegaki E, we thought why not link to a couple more of our favorites. For those of you already on Tegaki E, there’s a book marking feature which allows you to easily follow others. Handy when no one really sticks out on the front page.

Anarahk – (even has a little Tegaki E tutorial which you can find here).



alexds1 (Check out Der-shing's interview here).


chupachup (bonus points for being named after the lollipop).

*Image © CNWOLF


Anonymous said...

:O Well hay now!

This is cnwolf and I came across this whilst...googling myself *shot* I sure wish you would have linked me (somehow)! How nice of you to feature me.

Thank you!


Christine said...

Thanks for the plug! Dee (who you've interviewed earlier) let me know about it. :) Again, thank you!

Christine said...

(ps. this is Chupachup ^^;)