Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tokyopop Manga Pilot

With as much progress the company Tokyopop has often taken towards pushing the envelope for aspiring comic artists, they too often take an insane amount of steps backwards as well. It’s almost impossible to ignore their latest scheme which is the Manga Pilot program, as the contempt against it has been posted onto several blogs, most prominently Lea Hernandez’s. Reading through the comments and through the contract itself, potential writers and artists should definitely proceed with caution if considering to enter any binding contract. If you can’t afford your own lawyer, it doesn’t hurt to use Google or to get advice from people who have been or are in the industry. Tokyopop is NOT the only company out there.


Sophia said...


And we used to think they were pioneers when we were younger...

Anonymous said...


Scott Kurtz speaks out against mindless condemnation of a publishing company. Interesting read. People should be careful when signing any sort of contract, and make sure their emotions or fancy words don't cause them to make bad decisions.