Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blogs We Enjoy

Besides visiting individual galleries, there are quite a number of artist blogs we enjoy visiting. Whether it’s hearing news of their upcoming endeavors or simply seeing some of the creative process, there’s always something a little more intimate about a blog.

*Image © Stephen Hetrick

Bobby Chiu’s Sketch Group Blog - Blog featuring several artists and their sketches during their time on the subway.

Chepeng - Sketch blog group that contains the work of various artists including Robin Chyo, Kevin Dalton, and Stephen Hetrick

- The art of Tim Mcburnie and former home of the dailyscribble blog (still has archives).

Zombie Jam - The art of Christy Lijewski, (you’ll have to friend the journal on lj to see the art).

Pyawakit@LJ - The art of Ashleigh Firth Hetrick
- The art of Ed Tadem who’s an artist on the comic ’76

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