Friday, November 9, 2007

DeviantART Woes

With each passing day, we at Rococo Flow find ourselves more hesitant to visit deviantART. For its humongous size, the front page often leaves a lot to be desired. If we’re lucky, we’ll see one or two pieces worth clicking on. However, it seems as if it’s always the same group of artists who we see over and over. Not that they don’t deserve it, but it’s sad to think of the number of talented artists who get buried beneath all the other ‘junk’. Also, though all the artists we’ve ever talked to are some of the nicest people around, it’s obvious that there tends to be certain tight-knit groups or cliques. It’s just human nature to do such. Only problem is, it can make it hard to branch out if you’re looking for new people based on another artist’s favorites, since it’ll be biased to their preferences.

We’re sure that are plenty of other issues and complaints that people have brought up against deviantART. However, it won’t change the fact that it’s the most popular online gallery with the biggest user base. We surely won’t stop visiting anytime soon, especially with the prospect of finding several online gems.


Anonymous said...

This post couldn't be truer. I'm lucky I'm able to find some really amazing artists, once I manage to get past the majority of '2,000,000 pageviews' rubbish.

I hope this isn't out of place, but if I could suggest a few:

Not crazy well known, gorgeous styles, definately need love.

Rococo Flow said...

@anonymous: Thank you for the recommendations. Certainly not out of place, however we'd prefer if you'd email us instead of posting in the comments =)

Anonymous said...

I did all right on Deviant Art- got decent views, made some friends, etc.

My big complaint was how much of a freakin' group of idiots the staff was- especially realitysquared, who takes my vote for the most insanely incompetent admin of ANY site I've ever been on. It seemed like all they could do was attack people who had criticism- and the more valid it was, the worse they got.

Screw DeviantArt- if they're gonna be like that, then they're little more than just Encyclopedia Dramatica with better drawings.