Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wishlist: Bliss Express

There are plenty of wonderful artbooks out there, too many to count and not enough money to buy them all. However, currently on the Rococo Flow wish list is the book Bliss Express: Illustrating Happiness released by Guu Press earlier this year. Featuring artists such as Bengal, Emma Sky, Rain, Joysuke Wong, and Marcos Chin, it’s surely a must have for the art enthusiast.

21 of today’s most striking pop artists explore the idea of happiness. From Japan and Korea to China, France and North America, they evoke fashion, rock ’n’ roll, nature, graffiti, movies, money, sex and Sunday morning cartoons in tackling a universal question.

Bringing together vignettes, snatches of conversation, artist biographies and over 280 images, Bliss Express paints the normalities and absurdities of modern life. It is a reel of snapshots of the artists’ visions and obsessions—their unhinged, funny, heartbreaking journey to that elusive inner state of grace.

With essays by Mark Kingwell, philosopher and bestselling author of Better Living: In Pursuit of Happiness from Plato to Prozac, and by Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong, founders and editors of Giant Robot Magazine. (Source)

Plus, for $26.37 (and free shipping!) on, that may not be too much for some of you.

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