Friday, January 4, 2008

No Love for the Guys?

So we’re sure some readers have been wondering: Does Rococo Flow have something against male artists? Remarkably all of our past interviewees have been females except one, featuring RYE-BREAD. The fact is: There are just a lot of talented female artists out there. You’ve got Makani, Joanna, Alexds1, Maidith and everyone else we’ve had the pleasure of talking to.

Also, many of these artists tend to recommend other female artists, especially when they're friends or have worked with them on a project before. It’s not an intentional thing and many people probably don’t even realize it. It’s actually funny to think of, considering that a lot of the prominent artists you often hear about are male. Especially if one were to think of the American comic industry. Either way, Rococo Flow just wants to point out, we love the guys too!! In fact we have some interviews we’ve already done with some our favorite male artists. However, always feel free to recommend any to us at rococoflow[at]


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Anonymous said...

heheh, i know how it is, im a girl and most of my friends are girls, so i always end up recommending them and stuff, its just a whole giant cycle