Thursday, October 25, 2007

News: Le Grand Grimoire Visuel

Well here's something to definitely get excited about: An artbook featuring some of youngest hot talent out there now. We had the honor of featuring one of the ladies, lawnmowerpants, as our very first interview!!

So be sure to check out their site and here's the advertisement straight from the artists themselves:

Le Grand Grimoire Visuel

A full color art book featuring over sixty brand new illustrations from female illustrators and comic artists from around the world!

13 of the hottest young artists from around the globe have gathered together to present this full color art book filled with their own unique renditions of classical mythological monsters and demons.

Over 80 pages in length, hardcover and case bound, Le Grand Grimoire presents all new never before seen artwork from some of the most talented female artists on the scene today!

Headed by comic artist C.Lijewski [RE:Play, Next Exit] and featuring cover art by Eisner-nominated artist Becky Cloonan [Demo, American Virgin] Le Grande Grimoire features original illustrations from:

As a special bonus, the first 200 orders will receive a limited edition dust jacket! For $35 (US dollars, S&H included) you can reserve your copy today at:


In anticipation of Le Grand Grimoire visuel (shipping January 2008), members will be promoting the artbook by selling limited edition postcards, giving you a sneak peek of what's to come. Check back here for updated schedules of where you can pick up these postcards and talk to some of the artists behind this very special project!

Our current schedule:
Yaoi-con- October 26-28th, San Fransisco, CA
Artists in attendance: Dee (artist alley)

Nekocon- November 2-4th, Hampton, VA
Artists in attendance: C.Lijewski (dealer's room)

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