Saturday, September 1, 2007

Thank You!!!

Hello all Rococo Flow readers!!!

We just wanted to thank all of you, who have come through the blog and supported the site and artists. Also, a major thanks to all of you who have spread the word by telling your friends about Rococo Flow and have linked to us from your own blogs and sites.

As for the articles, we apologize for the slow down, many more will be coming very soon. Things have just gotten a little busy as of late, but rest assured we plan to interview as many artists as possible and have lots of great interviews coming your way.

That being said, please be sure to e-mail us with any recommendations that you may have. Don't hesitate at all! We want to give exposure to everyone and find more about all the awesome artists out there. Doesn't matter if you think they might be to pro or anything else along those lines. Furthermore, you can e-mail us with any comments, suggestions, etc. any time. We'd love to hear how we can improve.

Once again, thank you all so much and stayed tuned!

-Rococo Flow

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ebeelove said...

Hi! I just joined! I went and made a syndicated livejournal for this blog so I can view it on my lj friendslist. I hope that cool. Here's the link if you want to share it: